The Occurrence | Puzzle 1008 PC - SWEET PEAS #15-107

The Occurrence | Puzzle 1008 PC - SWEET PEAS #15-107

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Piece Count: 1008 - (0.8% more than the other guys!)
Finished Size: 16.5 x 23.4"

Perfect For: Relaxing after a hard day in the garden
Recommended Pairings: A seasonal tea-ball infusion

At the height of their business empire, the J. A. Simmers Seed Co. occupied 147, 149 & 151 King Street East in downtown Toronto (now St. James Park, next to the St. James Cathedral). 

It’s unclear if by accident or design that the park that now occupies the space is a series of formal gardens. The original catalogue covers were works of art and often torn off to liven up the walls of the less well-to-do, and as a result, are very hard to find.   We wish we could teleport back to 1911 and speak to someone at the J. A. Simmers Seed Co to ask what happened.  If time travel becomes a reality, we’ll dial 191.  That’s the whole phone number. 

Reproduced in vivid wide-gamut colour, and mounted on genuine Eska board.

The Occurrence. Made in Haliburton, Ontario!