The Occurrence - Puzzle 1008 PC - 'NAMAXSALA #15-105

The Occurrence - Puzzle 1008 PC - 'NAMAXSALA #15-105

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Piece Count: 1008 - (0.8% more than the other guys!)
Finished Size: 16.5 x 23.4"

Perfect For: Maintaining perspective.
Recommended Pairings: An orange shirt.

We speak of a language ‘barrier’ when we do not understand another’s expressions. But when we take care to listen, we come to learn that other languages hold meaning beyond a simple translation; they colour our interpretation of the world itself. ‘namaxsala is a Kwakwala word meaning “to travel in a boat together.” This single word evokes a shared fate and highlights our need for critical introspection as a country. The elegance and dignity of Barkhouse’s installation, locked in a perpetual gaze with Parliament, equals the prescience and eloquence of this deceptively simple sentiment.

Mary Anne Barkhouse belongs to the ‘Namgis band of the Kwakwaka’wakw First Nation of British Columbia. She currently resides in the Haliburton Highlands of Ontario.

Mary Anne has opted to donate her artist's royalty from the sale of these puzzles to the Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary, and we are matching her donation to benefit First Nations women's health.

Photographed by Michael Bainbridge, reproduced in vivid wide-gamut colour, and mounted on genuine Eska board.

The Occurrence. Made in Haliburton, Ontario!