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Product Image Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pens

Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pens


Pilot developed a parallel plate structure to allow beautiful sharp lines from this cartridge calligraphy pen. It also allows for graduated colours by transfer of ink from one pen to another. Each pen comes with two cartridge refills (red and black) and a pipette for cleaning the pen. The instruction booklet describes the pen, how to care for it, and provides very useful directions for the novice calligrapher. Also included is a nib cleaner (not shown) which can be inserted between the blades to remove caught paper fibers. 

Pilot cartridge refills to fit this pen are available in 12 mixable colours. Code No. IC-P3.

The Parallel Pen is available in four nib sizes: 1.5 mm (red), 2.4 mm (orange), 3.8 mm (lime green) and  6.0 mm (blue). When the pen is held with the Pilot logo facing up the corner of the nib will also produce a fine 0.5 mm line.