Fun & Easy Origami Animals  #5191-6

Fun & Easy Origami Animals #5191-6

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This value-packed collection of easy origami projects from master paper-folder Michael G. LaFosse is perfect for paper folding beginners!

Fun & Easy Origami Animals contains 19 beginner origami models that everyone loves and anyone can fold--and it comes complete with 20 sheets of high-quality origami papers.

The book is fully illustrated in color and has simple, step-by-step instructions showing you how to fold each piece. This is the ideal guide for someone who wants to explore the magic of origami for the first time--start turning two-dimensional paper into lifelike three-dimensional objects in only a few minutes. Voila!

This collection of adorable paper animals includes the following models:

  • Little Bird--the simplest of models!
  • Chameleon--an amazingly lifelike and cute lizard that is surprisingly easy to fold!
  • Flapping Bird--the classic "action model" that flaps its wings when you pull on its tail!
  • Hummingbird--the most challenging (and rewarding!) model in the book--an award-winning LaFosse design!
  • And many more!

Tuttle Publishing. Printed in Malaysia.