Easy Origami For Beginners  #5193-0
Easy Origami For Beginners  #5193-0

Easy Origami For Beginners #5193-0

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Easy Origami for Beginners is the ideal beginner's introduction to the magic of origami. This value-packed book shows you how to fold the 20 most popular origami models that everyone loves to make. It is fully illustrated in color with simple and clear step-by-step instructions for each model.

Included are the following delightful projects:

  • A Picture Frame -- a useful and inexpensive way to display your favorite family photos
  • A Mother Duck and Duckling --an adorable duck and duckling pair that requires only one sheet of paper!
  • A Hibiscus Blossom -- one of two "modular" designs in the book that use several folded sheets to form a blossom that looks complicated (but isn't!)
  • The Dart Glider -- a classic paper airplane that's fun to fold, but even more fun to fly!
  • An Inflatable Bunny Balloon -- the most challenging (and rewarding!) model in the book…a puff of air makes it 3D!
  • And many more!

The clear, colorful instructions in this book make it easy to create amazing paper models without any previous paper-folding experience. Perfect for adults or kids, and the ideal gift for someone who would like to try their hand at the traditional Japanese art of origami!

This is a book only, and does not include papers for folding. However, we have a good selection for sale in our online store.

Tuttle Publishing. Printed in Singapore.