Fisher Bullet Pen- Refill Turquoise Medium  #SPR9

Fisher Bullet Pen- Refill Turquoise Medium #SPR9

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This refill fits all models of the Fisher Space Pen, and comes with an extender to enable its use in any Parker style ballpoint. The tungsten carbide ball point tip and thixotropic ink in a hermetically sealed and pressurized ink cartridge (at nearly 35 psi) enables this pen to write in extreme conditions: upside down, in a vacuum, in freezing cold, in boiling heat... even underwater!

Invented by Paul Fisher with NASA in mind, the pens first flew in 1967 on the Apollo missions. These pens are now a staple tool in all manned space flights, American or Russian.

Genuine Fisher Space Pen Refill direct from the authorized Canadian distributor. Unconditionally guaranteed. One refill per blister pack.

Fisher Space Pen. Made in USA.