Canadian Travel Posters Postcard Book  #AA986
Canadian Travel Posters Postcard Book  #AA986
Canadian Travel Posters Postcard Book  #AA986
Canadian Travel Posters Postcard Book  #AA986
Canadian Travel Posters Postcard Book  #AA986

Canadian Travel Posters Postcard Book #AA986

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In the earliest days of Canadian railways, the arrival of a rail line initiated a town’s integration with the greater economy. No longer was travel between communities dusty, belabored, and slow. Remote regions finally became accessible. Tourism grew, and destinations formed alongside the railroads. In the mid-1920s two companies came to dominate transcontinental rail travel: Canadian Pacific and Canadian National Railways.

By the time many of the posters here were designed, cars and planes had usurped the appeal of the train. Nevertheless, railway companies kept churning out posters. They were intent on attracting tourists, and not only to their trains—a wealthy traveler could book an entire itinerary, from Liverpool to the Rockies, through a single rail company that operated luxury trains, steamships, and hotels. While their posters often featured modern locomotives speeding down the tracks, they just as often advertised Canada itself—its wild vistas, its villages, and a quiet way of life.

  • Will Hollingsworth (American, 1891–1975), Quebec / Chateau Frontenac, 1924
  • Alfred Crocker Leighton (Canadian, b. England, 1901–1965), Across Canada by Canadian Pacific, c. 1930
  • Cecil George Charles King (British, 1881–1942), Fast Luxurious Service to Canada, 1920
  • Designer unknown, Minaki, c. 1927
  • Designer unknown, Lower St. Lawrence, c. 1927
  • Designer unknown, The Highlands of Ontario, c. 1927
  • Percy Angelo Staynes (British, 1875–1953), Duchess Steamships, c. 1929
  • Norman Fraser, Banff / A Canadian Pacific Hotel in the Canadian Rockies, c. 1938
  • Odin Rosenvinge (British, 1880–1957), Canadian Pacific / To Canada & U S A, c. 1935
  • John Held Jr. (American, 1889–1958), Eastern Canada and Newfoundland Are Calling, 1926
  • Peter Ewart (Canadian, 1918–2001), The Royal York / Toronto Canada
  • Odin Rosenvinge (British, 1880–1957), Canada / Anchor Donaldson Line, c. 1920
  • Laubi, Canadian Pacific / To the Canadian Farm, c. 1920
  • James Crockart (Scottish, 1885–1974), Canadian Pacific Railway, 1927
  • Charles E. Turner (British, 1883–1965), Cunard to Canada, c. 1948
  • Roger Couillard (Canadian, 1910–1999), Winter at the Chantecler Hotel, c. 1950
  • Peter Ewart (Canadian, 1918–2001), Travel Canadian Pacific Across Canada, c. 1947
  • Designer unknown, Lake & Rail, c. 1927
  • Peter Ewart (Canadian, 1918–2001), Canada’s Picturesque East Coast
  • Kenneth Denton Shoesmith (British, 1890–1939), To Canada & U.S.A., 1933
  • Roger Couillard (Canadian, 1910–1999), Tadoussac / Canada Steamship Lines, c. 1950
  • Designer unknown, Maritime Provinces / Canadian National Railways, c. 1927
  • Designer unknown, Ski in Canada / Canadian National Railways, c. 1940
  • Roger Couillard (Canadian, 1910–1999), Visit Canada / Travel Canadian Pacific, c. 1955
  • Peter Ewart (Canadian, 1918–2001), Canadian Pacific, 1952
  • Lorne Holland Bouchard (Canadian, 1913–1978), Canada / Travel Canadian Pacific, c. 1950
  • Peter Ewart (Canadian, 1918–2001), Québec / Chateau Frontenac, c. 1950s
  • Designer unknown, Quebec / Canadian National Railways
  • Roger Couillard (Canadian, 1910–1999), Cruise through French Canada and the Saguenay in Quebec, c. 1950
  • Designer unknown, Newfoundland / Canada’s New-Fun-Land
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