Blue & White Kakuno Fountain Pen- Fine Nib  #SR-SL-F-BG

Blue & White Kakuno Fountain Pen- Fine Nib #SR-SL-F-BG

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Pilot's smiley face fountain pen is 'Simply the Best Choice for Your 1st Fountain Pen!' This package contains one fountain pen, one ink cartridge, and a user-friendly instruction sheet for loading the pen. Each pen has two eyes and a smile etched onto the nib ensuring you always 'Write with a smile!'

The ink cartridge to fit this pen is the standard Pilot cartridge, the IC50. It is available in boxes of 6 cartridges in Black, Blue and Red ink.

Ink is subject to freezing and will only be shipped if weather conditions permit. Not eligible for lettermail shipping.

Pilot. Made in Japan.