Blackwing Pencils- Natural   #105332

Blackwing Pencils- Natural #105332

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The Natural has a clear matte finish over the exposed Incense-cedar barrel; the extra-firm graphite is similar to a HB.

Blackwing pencils were favoured by award-winning creators throughout the 20th century. Despite a cult following, they fell victim to cost cutting measures in the 1990s and were discontinued. That didn't stop devotees from paying as much as $40 per pencil to seize the unused stock. In 2010, the California Cedar Products company drew from nearly a century of experience in the pencil business to access the best materials in the world and bring Blackwing back for a new generation of writers, musicians, and others seeking a more natural existence.

The pencils feature smooth Japanese graphite encased in a hexagonal barrel of genuine California Incense-cedar and a unique ferrule holding a replaceable eraser. Sales of the Blackwing benefit music and arts in schools.

Pencils are sold by the dozen, packaged in a sturdy box.