Bee By The Sea Winter Citrus Body Cream Jar  #576008

Bee By The Sea Winter Citrus Body Cream Jar #576008

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Limited Edition fragrance: Winter Citrus. Deliciously invigorating citrus aromas of orange, lemongrass and lime married to the sweetness of honey. 

The bestselling light, non-greasy formula is here naturally scented with a sweet blend of citrus essential oils and will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.  The unique combination of Sea Buckthorn and honey has been successful in relieving various skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, burns (radiation and sun), and psoriasis.  It can be used anywhere from head to toe! Try it for:

  • dry, cracked skin
  • eczema
  • burns
  • a daily moisturizer
  • itchy skin

Paraben Free, Petroleum Free, Sulfate Free, Cruelty Free. 220 mL.

Bee By The Sea produce this bestselling body cream and an entire collection of products using their key ingredients, sea buckthorn and honey. Customers have reported success using their products for mild skin conditions and improving the overall appearance and texture. They produce their products in small batches using quality natural ingredients. Truly a Canadian brand, they proudly produce and package their products in Ontario and are passionate about clean and cruelty free beauty.

Bee By The Sea. Made in Ontario, Canada.